Copyright Information

There are many excellent resources that provide guidance to teachers and students and answer the question. "What can my students and I freely use in our lessons, presentations, workshops, newsletters, reports, and Web sites, and what is protected by copyright?".

Brief example of student guidelines

    • Students may incorporate small portions of copyrighted materials when producing a project for a specific course.  Educational use allows up to 10 percent of the work but no more that 30 seconds of the music or lyrics from an individual musical work.  An acknowledgement of the source must always be given.
    • Students may perform and display their own projects and use them in their portfolio or use the project for job interviews or as supporting materials for application to post-secondary schools.
    • Any projects with an appropriate portion of copyrighted materials are only to be display in the school, at a contest or other educational event.  They may not be posted on the Internet and copies cannot be distributed to others.  Only an original and backup are allowed.


The South Bend Community does not sanction illegal duplication in any form. All employees should be aware of the following:






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